Tone Poem for Hidden Places Viewed from a Train: detailed background notes to the compositions

landschaft 005

Release date: 21 June 2007

Format: CDR album in a Super Jewel Case. Cover, disc artwork and typography by Landschaft.

Each piece explained

The cover artwork, is a painting by my son Jack.

A single work. Suspended in air. A canonical/fugal piece of rotating cycles in the dronology sub-genre. Dark, mesmeric, uplifting.

The lifting clouds reflected on water. over bridges and earthworks. when drewdrops form and are splashed by unknowing footfall as night turns to dawn. a clattering wind in trees picks up crow call transported. reflected in glass. a journeying soul opens one eye in near sleep and absorbs in a moment this wonder and a mile is gone before a minute has passed. repeating. convergence and divergence eddies and ripples in this landscape of I know not where. in my journey this day to see a friend.