Tone Poem for Hidden Places Viewed from a Train: detailed background notes to the compositions

landschaft 005

Release date: 21 June 2007, re-mastered and re-worked 02 January 2022

Format: CDR album in a Super Jewel Case. Cover, disc artwork and typography by Landschaft.

Each piece explained: 2022 re-interpretation

I created this work in 2007. It's a long meandering soundscape and I have borrowed the term 'tone-poem', widening it from it's classical usage. It fits with the single 'movement' format of this work.

I have remastered the original through modern signal processors, shortening it by five minutes or so to fit the Bandcamp 600MB limit. In re-visiting this work a new perspective suggested itself and for the 2022 version I have added quite a lot more textural layers and some melodic passages, a gentle muted piano them stated at the beginning and restated towards the end. The tempo and pace of this new interpretation remain the same. I was reading Ronald Blythe's 'Talking About John Clare' at the same time as my work on this piece and the resonance with Blythe's observation of passing through Helpstone, Clare's home village on his way by train to Lincoln coloured my interpretation. It's been a while since my last railway journey and I'm not sure when I will be able to resume my travels in these Covid-19 days, but I hope one day I will be able to enjoy again those precious glimpses of back gardens, allotments, post industrial ruin and farmscape. After the title piece there are two - what I have called 'reductions'; ghostly echos of the foundation work comprising 3x 50 minute interpretations.

Of all my cover art this I think is my favourite. It incorporates a painting made by my son Jack; a big expressive sky-scape. The original 2007 release was in portrait DVD-case format with typography below the square image currently represented in Bandcamp.

Each piece explained: 2007

The cover artwork, is a painting by my son Jack.

A single work. Suspended in air. A canonical/fugal piece of rotating cycles in the dronology sub-genre. Dark, mesmeric, uplifting.

The lifting clouds reflected on water. over bridges and earthworks. when drewdrops form and are splashed by unknowing footfall as night turns to dawn. a clattering wind in trees picks up crow call transported. reflected in glass. a journeying soul opens one eye in near sleep and absorbs in a moment this wonder and a mile is gone before a minute has passed. repeating. convergence and divergence eddies and ripples in this landscape of I know not where. In my journey this day to see a friend.