Jute: detailed background notes to the compositions

landschaft 006

Release date: 19 August 2007

Format: Original 2007 release: CDR album in a limited edition jute cloth cover. Cover, disc artwork and typography by Landschaft.

Format: Re-worked in 2020 released 14 January 2021

The 2007 re-work was a single unbroken drone piece. Organic, flowing, meditational. The cover in the 2007 limited edition, is of real jute, with it's characteristic earthy smell adding to the experience. It was intended as an experiential work, not tied to any historical, cultural or geographic context and the 2020 re-work retains that concept. It stands as a sound object.

The 2020 re-work starts with the main Jute theme and throughout the collected work it emerges then subsides within a tapestry of melodic interludes and long monotone expositions. Then finally to tracks 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 the main Jute suite. In writing minimal music I find the temptation, almost overwhelmingly so, is to add too much. But part of my method is to rest the work before publication and reflect and a result of that reflection to chisel back in a reductive manner letting the piece breathe. Jute 03 parts 1 and 2 being the main beneficiary of the de-clutter of this method exposing the important message of the piece. This work started out very early in my musical career and has undergone much transformation to take it via the 2007 iteration to the 2020 version, where it is today, published with added material early 2021 on Bandcamp.