Zamek: detailed background notes to the compositions

landschaft 013

not available to buy yet

Release date: 11 November 2009; re-mastered, re-released 28 December 2021

Format: Original 2009 version: CDR in a Super Jewel Case. Cover and disc artwork, typography and verse by Landschaft.

Format: Re-mastered version available to listen to and buy at Bandcamp: digital download. Artwork and typography by Landschaft.

The work explained

Zamek is the third and final part of my "Dark Seasons" tryptych, a collection comprising: Part I, "The Beginning of the New Winter"' part II, "Walpurgisnacht", part III "Zamek"

The winternight, Ivy leaves cast for a prophesy, Briars woven for a song, Rusted iron and broken stone, All in a ring cast upon the earth, Upon the sunrise frost. Venus, the morning star, Casts ambiguity of light, On the cusp of the seasons, Inert among the landscapes, of this blasted castle.

Some notes on the 2021 re-master

Written and published in 2009 this work has sat on my shelf unlistened since then. I replayed it recently with a more developed 'ear' and recognised an opportunity to clean some of the 'boominess' present in the original master. So here is the result.

I have run this through EQ and Compression, suppressing at 40, 115, 180, 235, 1750Hz and lifting the mid range a little. I then took the signal through Ircam Virb, adding space and sparkle. There is no new instrumentation. I have separated the work into three movements to fit Bandcamp's 600MB file size limit - the master is one unbroken piece.

'Zamek' - Castle in the Polish language. Inspired by my painting of the same name, itself inspired by my travels in Europe in the early 1990's, this is a single dramatic soundscape of cathedral organ and string orchestra. I recall the organ line was a single stream of conciousness take with the strings wrapped around the main theme. Anyone who has created music or made art will recognise that place where the best work comes from - the live take - retaining the human energy, tension and emotion straight from the soul.

This work is dedicated to dear Jethro and Ruta who journey the creative road.

I offered this work for 1-00 in January 2021 to try and create a wider audience for my work.