Zamek: detailed background notes to the compositions

landschaft 013

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Release date: 11 November 2009

Format: CDR in a Super Jewel Case. Cover and disc artwork, typography and verse by Landschaft.

The work explained

Zamek is the third and final part of my "Dark Seasons" tryptych, a collection comprising: Part I, "The Beginning of the New Winter"' part II, "Walpurgisnacht", part III "Zamek"

Zamek is a single composition, that builds to a crashing organ entre. I have made this my loudest work to date.

The winternight, Ivy leaves cast for a prophesy, Briars woven for a song, Rusted iron and broken stone, All in a ring cast upon the earth, Upon the sunrise frost. Venus, the morning star, Casts ambiguity of light, On the cusp of the seasons, Inert among the landscapes, of this blasted castle.