Ghost Images of Forgotten Skyscrapers: detailed background notes to the compositions

landschaft 016

Available to listen and buy at Bandcamp

Release date: 1984; this version 05 August 2020

Format: digital download. Artwork and typography by Landschaft.

The work explained

I wrote this work in 1984 and it was performed live once at The Midland Group art gallery, part of a wider performance event Fabricata Illuminata curated and co-performed by friends, among them Martin King and Nick Cope. I remember this performance well. My piece was the start f the event, a gentle led in to Sub-bass at medically dangerous frequency, camphor heated and diffused throughout the auditorium, complete darkness, other brouha and mayhem. I think the doors were locked to prevent the audience escaping. Not sure which of the three performances this was 13/10/84 (Fabricata), 13/10/85 (This Heat) or 08/03/85 (The Bell Monitor), but most lkely to be The Bell Monitor. Each of these are documented at Nick Cope's extensive archive which is a comprehensive record of the underground creative scene of the time (see 1980s pages) at at Nick Cope Film

The work was insired by my recolection of demolished hi-rise in Nottingham and the after-image left when they were gone. Lives lived suspended in time. It was written from my own space in the sky Nottingham's Victoria Flats, flat 12-18, which were originally concieved as luxury Austin Powers style cool cat pads, a plan that hit the skids as soon as the characterless misaerable placewas built, leaving them to Council tenants who wanted to be close to the nightlife of Nottingam, and creative types, both of these applying to my younger self who were prepared to overlook the discomfort of being freezing in winter and incinerators in summer.