split the flint to find the toad: detailed background notes to the compositions

landschaft 026 and 031

Available to listen to and buy at Bandcamp

Release date: 20 July 2022

Format: digital download. Artwork and typography by Landschaft.

The work explained: Vol I

'split the flint to find the toad' parts 1 and 2 is a reflection on the folk belief that within flint nodules resides a toad. See the originating reference in Ronald Blythe 'Talking about John Clare', Trent Books 1999 ISBN 0 905 488 44 X, page21. It is an abstract connection I grant you - so see if you can make the leap of faith... It is as much a reflection on how Blythe builds the components of Clare's world view. Part 1 positions some dark deep bass tones partnered by a tornado of circulating guitar, cutting into part 2 djent riffing and revolving back to a cyclic bass / guitar duel.

English warbow is a transformation of this muscular weapon and all of it's mythic power into a sonic barage of a work. The pace is slowed to a bass-underpinned sonic wall.

Man, horse, toil is a percussive linear evolution of two streams of simple duelling beat with exchanges of sonic textures.

Thorn: an Old English runic letter, pre-Roman. It is pronounced 'th' and survives as 'the',transformed from the 'ye' of the middle ages. So where does this fit into the Landschaft world view: well it is a view down the telescope of time on the evolution of language. It is another barrage of a work, , evolving and textured, ambient metal. I have taken my influence from the Southern Lord end of the metal spectrum, 'Sleep' and 'Sunn O)))' in particular. There is real guitar here, cranked to the max in a number of embedded break spaces in this 36 min epic.

The work explained: Vol II

Four more pieces from the split the flint sessions. Again created using what I have termed 'managed-generative' techniques this entry is an upbeat set retaining all of the exuberance of the live take. 'Free flight', 'Turning out Right', 'Crunchtime', 'Driving in the Rain'.