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Chronicals of Lake Narocz by Mieczyslaw Lisiewicz

This long out of print autobiographical work by this Polish author is reproduced here in full. I have transcribed the work and present it here for all to read. Copyright remains the property of the owners whoever and wherever they are. If anyone who is reading this has any historical facts, documents, maps or photographs about Narocz I would be very grateful if you would contact me, Alan at Landschaft I hope readers enjoy, as I have, the tales from this forgotten corner of the world.



Lake Narocz, Staryniki, Nieslucz, Nanosy, Lake Miastro, Lake Mlynek, Hatowicze, Old Miadziol, Forest of Uzla


The photographs are nearly all landscapes and are in black and white. Of them two: of the tourist hut near Lake Narocz and of Miadziol give best context to the text. The rest are of poor quality and are presented here to complete the record of the book. I am researching better contemporary images and will post them in due course.

Illustrations: The Text - hyperlinks

Photograph 01 Ice-floes on Lake Narocz in Staryniki, south of Nieslucz

Photograph 02 During periods of sharp frost wolves approach inhabited localities on moonlit nights

Photograph 03 A glacier on Lake Narocz, near the shores of Nieslucz

Photograph 04 Fishing nets, in Nanosy, near the shores of Lake Narocz

Photograph 05 The launching of a boat on the Lake Narocz

Photograph 06 The Lake Miastro

Photograph 07 The Mlynek

Photograph 08 A peacful evening over the Lake Narocz

Photograph 09 The Orthodox cemetry in Hatowicz, near Lake Narocz

Photograph 10 A way-side shrine on the church-cemetry in Old Miadziol

Photograph 11 The forest of Uzla

Photograph 12 The tourist hut near Lake Narocz

Photograph 13 Miadziol, a Tartar village on the shores of Lake Narocz, in winter time

Photograph 14 General view of Lake Narocz